My take on 9/11 and the whole Beast System and how it relates to Biblical Prophecy

My take on 9/11 and the whole Beast System and how it relates to Biblical Prophecy

TheBeastSystem9/11 information discovery: As I discover more information and uncover new evidence about the facts surrounding the biggest public Psy-Op ever witnessed which is better known or referred to as the 9/11 “Terror Attack”, I can see how it all points to the “End of Days” and the “Beast System” and how that system will work…
These are my dissertations which I will be uploading to YouTube in a convenient playlist posted here for your review as I talk about my findings while I continue to uncover more truth about the elaborate cover up of 9/11 and the real method(s) that were used to destroy the WTC towers, buildings, and our lives on that fateful day 9/11/2001
I discovered the work of Dr. Judy Wood and succinctly began digging once again into the facts, evidence, theories, and yes, even into the falsehoods and dis-information surrounding the event. You see, as new evidence comes to light, we have a responsibility to review that new evidence, weigh it out, and apply it to what we think we already know, constantly reevaluating the facts to be sure we really know the truth about such a major event as 9/11.
We not only owe it to ourselves, but to those who might witness our findings, to be sure we have a full account and correct knowledge about such major events that undoubtedly have life changing impact on our day to day lives.
In these discussions I will be reviewing what I am finding as I come across new information I believe needs to be shared with others in order to help us all find the truth behind 9/11. I will also be interjecting my opinions and theories based on my finding and so I also ask you not to just take my word that what I say is the entire truth. I could be wrong about one thing or another and if so I would not want to intentionally mislead you and so I ask you to also perform your own research and compare that research against what I discuss and bring to light, because you may discover something I have completely missed or was wrong about and in so doing, we all become a giant cooperative research team all working together to unearth the MASSIVE pile of evidence surrounding 9/11 and begin to finally make some coherent sense of all of it once and for all.
So far I have discovered that 9/11 is SO much more than just an excuse to invade IRAN, depose Saddam Hussein, or keep the populace in fear so they call for more government. 9/11 was also a very “In your face” demonstration of power. Power that our enemies (who are in control of our own governments and the world systems) posses and are willing to wield against us if we cross them or get in their way. When going into battle, it is a great advantage to know what kind of power(s) your enemy possesses or controls even if you are outmatched.
Many a battle has been won by those who are willing to go into the match understanding that their opponent is smarter and better equipped than they are and committing to out think and out smart their opponent based on that knowledge. Willing to think outside the box, adapt, and overcome the disadvantages they face by the overwhelming power which their opponent commands.
When one goes into battle with this mindset one can then examine the enemy and discover their weaknesses then figure out how to exploit or use those weakness against the enemy in order to defeat him even though he is outmatched by his enemy’s strength and or power. As your enemy gets weaker, you get stronger and you can eventually defeat your enemy using their own weaknesses against them.
So this is why I want to try to understand our enemy and discover the advanced capabilities they posses. Because even though we may be outmatched in technology, weapons, and or strengths, we still have the opportunity to discover their weaknesses and exploit them in our favor. Persistence and determination are paramount to winning even when you are overwhelmingly outmatched.
So I ask you to join me in my analysis and discovery of this end times “Beast System” that is being constructed in order to be deployed against us with the intention of bringing us (you and me) into submission to “Them”, “They”, or whomever they may be.
Remember I will be adding more videos to this playlist so check back from time to time to watch anything new I add later on.

Here John Hutchison has posted proof of concept that validates Dr Judy Wood’s research:

Hutchinson Effect Explained as explained by The Alien Scientist:
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