Directed Energy Weapons – Military Pursues Advanced Development of Laser and HPM Systems

Directed Energy Weapons – Military Pursues Advanced Development of Laser and HPM Systems

WhereDidTheTowersGoSo many people believed the lie that was pushed to cover up the lie that was used to cover up the truth about what really happened on 9/11/2001.
What truth is that you ask? I’ll tell you what truth that is, it is the truth that 9/11 was an in your face demonstration of what can be done with a Directed Energy Weapon System. Yeah, it was most likely an inside job but what you may not know is that it was an inside job done with DEWS.

Once you are able to wrap your mind around the real truth of what happened on September 11, 2001 your entire world, thought patterns, life, paradigm is going to shift heavily and “you’re gonna need a seat belt cuz buddy yer gunna wanna hang on!”
“Your whole life is a lie” isn’t just a line from the movies, it’s a reality check like no other you have ever experienced.

Directed Energy Summit 2015
Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA), 7 videos, 562 views, Last updated on Aug 17, 2015
On Tuesday, July 28, 2015, CSBA and Booz Allen Hamilton co-hosted a Directed Energy Summit. The event convened thought leaders and decision makers to explore new issues and solutions related to fielding directed energy (DE) and related capabilities, to address emerging DE threats, and to identify the advantages DE systems will provide for warfighters.


These guys know about the DEWS, in fact they COMPLETELY want to “Do the DEW” if you catch my drift…
Now the above presentation is just the UNCLASSIFIED version of what they tell us and the private sector for fund raising purposes. You can imagine what they have hidden behind closed doors at their “Skunk Works” sites and other Top Secret, Above Top Secret, and Ultra Top Secret sites.
The demonstration of power that took place at the WTC on 9/11/2001, I think, was such a display of unimaginable power at that time that the populace might have just gone completely mad if they knew the truth right away since it was wielded against us with such violence and force.
It is my firmly held belief that our government not only knew about Directed Energy Weapon Systems at that time, but may have also facilitated the event as a secret, yet public, demonstration of what they wanted to get research funding for in order to further improve and deploy this type of technological power on the battle field.
Remember that this kind of technology has already been discovered long ago by Nikola Tesla and has since been reproduced by other scientists and hobbyists. The information was also heavily suppressed and stolen when these people would go public with their discoveries.
The only hobbyist/scientist I can think of who has not yet been suppressed is John Hutchison. That may be because he is so publicly free with his quirky personality that they rely heavily on that to dissuade others from taking his research seriously or it may have to do with the fact that John Hutchison is SO WELL KNOWN by the world for his discovery, what with having “The Hutchison Effect” named after him and all.
DEWImg17One of the first Directed Energy Weapons that went public a long time ago is not even thought of by most as truly being a DEW but in fact it is. Most people don’t realize that the X26 Taser is a DEW because it has wires attached to the projectile delivery system. The thought does not occur to the average observer that even though this weapon relies on wires to deliver the payload, it is still a valid DEW. This Taser gun is something we are very used to seeing since it has been widely deployed by almost every, if not all of them, police department you can think of.
Like every other new technology, Directed Energy Weapons will only be revealed slowly and in a controlled manner to the public because of the shock value and the profit game. That coupled with those who want to continue to maintain absolute control over the new technology so as not to lose their position in the food chain, so to speak, will prevent you or I from seeing it all at once and in a timely manner that would allow us to become “truly independent” from the system.
This method of revelation is what separates “US from THEM”. “Them” being to ones who have all the technology and control because they control the narrative and the funding.
There are sources of information out there, if you can manage to get your hands on them, that talk about this technology and how to build it but they are not highly publicized and with good reason, at least good reason according to those who want to hog it all for themselves. If you want to get ahead of the curve and discover how to use this technology for your own independence and survival, you will have to actively pursue the “Free Energy” publications, mostly online, and sift through the facts, fictions, and disinformation campaigns to find information that works and is genuine. This is by design from those who do not want you to know the truth until they are ready to “sell you the truth”, right after they patent the technology so you can’t have it unless you get their permission or pay an exorbitant sum of money for that knowledge.
These guys still hold all the keys right now and until we can change that we are going to be subject to their whims and that cannot be good for our futures. All these guys wanna do is make weapons that kill and destroy. On top of that the energy companies DO NOT want us becoming energy independent and they will do whatever they can to assure we do not find a way to never need them again. That would mean huge fortunes would be lost, many CEO types would commit suicide and many Millionaires, Billionaires, and or Trillionaires would become common folk and they don’t take kindly to not having power to lord over others for their selfish gain.
Still there are others out there that are willing to “Open Source” their technology discoveries, making the instructions and directions public for the good and benefit of all mankind.

John Hutchison is just such a humanitarian. He is very interested and concerned about our freedom from the power hungry control freaks who want to keep us all dependent upon them for our every whim and need. If you follow John Hutchison, you will have a very good head start on how to obtain, create, and maintain sound knowledge of free energy and how you can put it to work for you so that you can truly become free and independent once and for all.
Think about why you go to work for a moment. Is it just so you can pay your rent? Of course not, we go to work so we can earn money to give to someone else for our food, our cars, our gas, our rent, and our ENERGY… Our budgets go toward energy consumption at a ratio of nearly 2 to 1 when it comes to paying our bills. Energy consumption accounts for most of what we use to sustain our lives. With that realization you become painfully aware that ENERGY is our largest source of expenditure when it comes to spending money.
Just imagine for a moment what you could be doing instead of working for someone else to pay for all that energy. If you could generate your own FREE ENERGY, you could spend your money on other useful things like Your Own Property (no more rent payments to waste your hard earned dough). Build your own home. Dig your own well or be able to afford the cost of having it done professionally. Have time to plant your own garden and maintain that garden. Raise your own livestock on YOUR OWN PROPERTY!. Power your vehicle with the FREE ENERGY technology and never have to pay for gas again. Stop buying power from the Power Companies, Stop buying Natural gas to heat your home because your Free Energy device can power your heating equipment.
With free energy technology in the mainstream consciousness, people would not be held captive to the energy companies and their governments who now hold and pull all the strings. We could instead finally realize space travel, anti-gravity, world peace, self sufficiency and a host of many other benefits this technology could bring forth.
DE or Directed Energy alone can already be used in a “scanning” capacity, just like in Star Trek, to ID or Identify incoming craft from very far away. “Yes captain, we have just been scanned”. DEWImg06DE can also be used right now to disperse crowds through what is already known as “Active Denial Systems”. Our Military Industrial Complex is spending Trillions of our tax dollars on technology that kills people and also to just disperse people when they don’t require a kill such as times when they want compliance rather than extermination. They have even invented real force fields and even cloaking technology using Directed Energy. The technology is real and is “DEW-able”. With the advent of Graphene and advanced research into graphite based energy storage, we can even store energy for almost unlimited time frames and at high quantities with minimal space requirements. It all comes back to power and control.
Research Graphene on youTube <– Click that link.

Instead of using this technology for evil, we could and should be using it for the good of ALL mankind. This technology could provide unlimited free energy to the entire world. All peoples of every race, color, and creed could become their own boss and their own provider thus eliminating the need for the greedy corporations and their owners to exist anymore. Instead the world could become a species of producers, inventors, visioneers, and true space aged pioneers. We could finally colonize space, realize space based travel and economies. Hell one might even be able to buy their own planet in the future.
With the knowledge of free energy technology unleashed on the human race for good, there is no limit to what mankind could achieve, that also includes those who will still have an evil bent but we could also continue the research for self defense with this technology as well.
In closing I just want to leave you with this: Star Trek is not just a contrived fantasy for selling box office tickets folks, Star Trek is real and the realization of that type of world changing, lifestyle mutating, game changing knowledge is at your doorstep, it is knocking loud and clear but you first have to open that door and embrace that knowledge.
What will you do now…?

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