Jamboree @ Walcott Iowa 80 T/A Truck Stop – 7-14-2016

Jamboree @ Walcott Iowa 80 T/A Truck Stop – 7-14-2016

20160714_180934Well I guess I’m not ALL about exposing the evils in the world today, I do sometimes try to relax and enjoy life. Today I was lucky enough to shutdown at the T/A in Walcott Iowa just as they are hosting a Jamboree. Woo Hoo!
So I had a look around, caught some performances and even shot some photos of the trucks on display for the event. Man I have never seen so many different kinds of trucks in one place before. This really was a treat for me. I have not been a Truck Driver for very long so this helps give me a bit more of a rich experience and some history on the trucking industry/profession. I will say that being a Professional Driver is always interesting because the scenery is always changing and you never meet the same people twice unless they’re regulars at your “shutdown” stops.
I stopped here today just to shower and do some laundry so imagine my delight to discover the Jamboree in progress. I am happy about this as I usually have to just continue on my route to make “On Time Delivery” (OTD) of my load, having to miss out, so for once I get to “Stop and smell the roses” as it were.
OK so here is some video I shot at the Jamboree and below that you will find a slideshow of the shots I took of the event. I have also uploaded the pictures in HD to my FaceBook account and you can view them at the link below the slideshow if you are so inclined…

— Slideshow (Jamboree @ Walcott Iowa80 T/A Truck Stop – 7-14-2016)
–> Link to the HD FaceBook Album <–

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