The "28 Pages" is a grand Psyop to sell the original "Official Narrative" of 9/11

The "28 Pages" is a grand Psyop to sell the original "Official Narrative" of 9/11


The growing furor surrounding calls to declassify the “28 pages” in the September 11, 2001 attacks related congressional report written in 2002 appear to be a thinly veiled stunt to sell the official 9/11 narrative and further marginalize the 9/11 Truth movement by playing to the “bloodlust” Americans have for Arabs, according to an international lawyer and political analyst based in Bali, Indonesia.
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The 28 Pages AKA “The Classified 28 Pages”, released yesterday on 7/16/2016 or 7/16/16 – an interesting theory on that date, are an obvious BS coverup to give credence to the original BS narrative of 9/11 while at the same time giving credence to the Cover Psy-Op known to all as the “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” narrative which fooled all or at least most of the 9/11 Truthers who, BTW, were co-opted by none other than Alex Jones who is constantly reminding his audience of that fact with his timely mentions here and there of the “Grey Sticks of Butter” quote and constantly telling them “We’re winning the infowar”, despite the fact that we are NOT winning anything, further programming his sheep using Neuro Linguistic Programming and they just don’t see it (A pure BS fluff line; evidenced by the fact the “Global Elite” are plowing over us and carrying out their plans with virtually no resistance from the Patriot movement).
In fact Alex Jones IS the very personification of that “Meta Physical Rule” he keeps alerting his audience to, you know how they (The Global Elite) have to tell us what they are going to do to us before they do it? Yeah, do you see the in your face irony of that one yet?
Alex is the great pacifier of the patriot movement, giving them a false sense that they have a say in this “infowar”. They watch Alex and Alex yells and cries on camera as well as shouting insults at the establishment goons and “Living to Tell About it” Oh come on!
They don’t kill him because he is their MINION! But he is damn good at group or mass hypnosis and so he remains and his followers will damn near rip your head off if you say anything bad about good ole Alex Jones and I can say that with confidence, because I used to believe Alex Jone’s lies too, until I woke up. Funny how the dreamers think they are awake isn’t it?
But I digress, getting back to the 28 pages, just one look at the PDF and you can instantly tell it’s pure bullshit. You mean to tell me that with today’s high technology we can’t even get a PDF that looks at least half way crisp and clear? Why does it have to look all old and “TypeWritery”? Is that to give us some fuzzy sense that it must be legitimate, because the document has that classic “over copied on 50 photocopiers” look to it?
How about that half-assed, half baked “Original Narrative” that was debunked over 9000 times over as false, even though the 9/11 truthers got the secondary narrative wrong as well (A & E for 9/11 Truth in case you wondered which narrative), it has been well established that planes did not bring down the WTC Buildings. Besides that the MSM Presstitutes and  A & E For 9/11 Truth never did explain the reasons for the destruction of the other 4 buildings of the 7 in the WTC complex. The whole time everyone only focused on buildings 1, 2, and 7.
What about building 6 and it’s GAPING hole or building four, where did that one go? How about the fact that the bathtub was left virtually undamaged even though we are meant to believe that several thousand tons of building materials fell straight down into it at FREE FALL speed. At that speed, the ground is gonna split somewhere pal. So why didn’t the bathtub split allowing the Hudson River to come flowing in like Noah’s Flood?

What you think you know about 9/11 is most likely not true. New Damning evidence comes forward that suggest the use of EXTREMELY ADVANCED technology and Directed Energy Weapon Systems (DEWS), including highly advanced Holographic Systems, on that fateful day we were all fooled. Invariably you literally cannot believe what your eyes THOUGHT you saw on that day…


So you can see from this simple juxtaposition of theories given along with Dr Judy Wood’s “Evidence Given”, that something is COMPLETELY awry and our loving gubbermint is yet again fast at work selling us yet another false paradigm in order to continue to keep us in the dark and hope we stay asleep so they can take more of our rights away in the name of “safety” and keep us dead broke and on welfare so we MUST depend on them for EVERYTHING while they chip away at “World Domination”, when we all could be learning the truth, waking up out of the “Matrix” and finally taking full control of our own lives and destinies instead of being mesmerized and slowly killed off one by one as they deem each of us to no longer be useful or necessary to their agenda(s).
The real truth lies in Dr Judy Wood’s Fact Based, evidential findings which she has published in book form and online for the whole world to see. If you remember Dr Judy Wood you may only remember how she was demonized by Alex Jones and Dr Steven Jones.
The same Dr Steven Jones who successfully discredited the real findings of Pons & Fleischmann regarding LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) calling it “Cold Fusion” a name that sounded cooky  and fringe (yet another example of the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming used to discredit real research) in order to garner public support for his ridicule campaign against the two Doctors of Science who had discovered real overunity.
Just like Pons & Fleischmann, Dr Judy Wood has endured the same bullying from Dr Steven Jones who launched his bullying techniques against her and with little wonder as he and the entire energy industry stand to lose their fortunes if word of Dr Judy Wood’s discoveries ever made it’s way in to the “Mainstream Consciousness” of the average Joe.
Just like the discovery of Pons & Fleischmann, Dr Judy Wood has shown fact based evidence that the technology used to perpetrate the “9/11 Terror Attack” Psy-Op was not only highly advanced, but was also powered by free energy technology.
The effects she examined were characteristic of the effects that John Hutchison has produced, and can reproduce with specific accuracy, in his lab experiments using Tesla Coils and a Van de Graaf generator which has made him famous as being the personification of his own work through his discovery called The Hutchison Effect:

A Van de Graaff generator is an electrostatic generator which uses a moving belt to accumulate electric charge on a hollow metal globe on the top of an insulated column, creating very high electric potentials. It produces very high voltage direct current (DC) electricity at low current levels. It was invented by American physicist Robert J. Van de Graaff in 1929.[1] The potential difference achieved in modern Van de Graaff generators can reach 5 megavolts. A tabletop version can produce on the order of 100,000 volts and can store enough energy to produce a visible spark. Small Van de Graaff machines are produced for entertainment, and in physics education to teach electrostatics; larger ones are displayed in science museums.

You can see her entire body of evidence in the 2 plus hour video below where she explains her findings in great detail and hosts a Q & A as well. It is packed full of good information for you to use in your own research and investigations.

I have been also doing further research into her findings and have dug up some interesting discoveries of my own such as this article Directed Energy Weapons – Military Pursues Advanced Development of Laser and HPM Systems which I have recently published on this blog and also shared to FaceBook, Twitter, and Google Plus that lays out the UNCLASSIFIED version of the Joint Military’s interest in DEWS (Directed Energy Weapon Systems) at the “Directed Energy Summit 2015” wherein they discuss their desire to move their technology experiments “from the Lab into the private sector” for which, of course, they will provide substantial funding into that research and they planned to “accelerate” that research as much as they possibly can.
After reviewing Dr Judy Wood’s research and the information regarding the Hutchison effect, if you have any knowledge of the famed or infamous “Philadelphia Experiment” or “Project Rainbow”, you can see the similarities in the effects of those events. With regard to the Philadelphia Experiment, we know that experiment shows evidence of humans merging with the ship (i.e merged mid-way between floors and found also partially merged into the ship’s bulkheads). Sounds like a bad day in the transporter room on the USS Enterprise now doesn’t it. That very affect also has a scientific name known as “Molecular Dissociation”.
Now, according to WikipediaDissociation in chemistry and biochemistry is a general process in which molecules (or ionic compounds such as salts, or complexes) separate or split into smaller particles such as atoms, ions or radicals, usually in a reversible manner. For instance, when an acid dissolves in water, a covalent bond between an electronegative atom and a hydrogen atom is broken by heterolytic fission, which gives a proton (H+) and a negative ion. Dissociation is the opposite of recombination.
This same “dissociation” is what really happened on 9/11 at the molecular level, that much is obvious from the mere fact that the major building materials, Iron, steel, concrete, marble and even some aluminum and glass seemed to have just turned to dust all right before our eyes and even BEFORE the debris had a chance to hit or come in contact with anything else. There is even evidence of levitation as some of the toasted cars were upside down. You can find a great number of scientific white papers AKA “Scitations” on the subject of dissociation here.

Now, am I a credentialed scientist? No! Am I a Dr. of Science? Well, not in the field of molecular dynamics but I do possess a knowledge of computer science equivalent to a BS in computer science even though I never bothered to acquire a “DEGREE” (a little slip of paper that says I know my shit cuz I passed a test somewhere). But I am very knowledgeable nonetheless as I have a bent for research, and an “OCD like” fascination with how things work and the science theories that go along with them. In a nutshell, I have a knack for figuring out how stuff works. One has to assume that if you are reading this you may also have a similar bent in life so why not use your talents to test what I am telling you and join in the research.
So many people nowadays have the attention span of a gold fish (roughly 7 minutes) and a level of self discipline that mimics the behaviors of a professional crackhead. So instead of allowing yourself to become one of those “Professional Crackheads” with a 7 minute attention span, why not become the independent and critical thinker you were intended to be and take the information I am giving you in this article and “Running with it”, extending your knowledge of this subject as well.
Dr Judy Wood has shown that the myth of “FREE ENERGY” being a fringe science and unattainable is yet just another system of control to keep us down and dependent on the “System”, those who grant us permission to use the power they choose to delineate to us for “fair payment” in our “blood and sweat” (hard earned money).
If you need a kick-start on finding out more on the subject of over unity and free energy technologies, try these sources on for size:

Gerard Morin, Canadian Hobbyist:
YouTube Channel:


Stanley Meyer Inventor:
YouTube Query:

Let’s not forget John Hutchison and his colorful and quirky personality & sense of humor:
John Hutchison YouTube | John Hutchison FaceBook

The Alien Scientist:

AlienScientist – YouTube Channel:

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    1. This is a GREAT Article! Very well researched and documented. It makes me sad to know that Alien Scientist gave in to the pressure, his earlier work was such good stuff too.

      It is sad to see how many people have been fooled by this muddling done not just by AS but by many others as well. The sheople are just not sophisticated enough in their thought processes to even come close to understanding the tech involved in 9/11 without actually seeing a live demonstration with clear explanations.

      Hell, they don’t even posses the ability to pay attention long enough to learn about it anyway…

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