You Think You are Awake to the Tricks and Brainwashing of the Establishment But You Are Still A Slave – "The Donald" Will Not Save You

You Think You are Awake to the Tricks and Brainwashing of the Establishment But You Are Still A Slave – "The Donald" Will Not Save You

It’s funny, I have been watching all the hype over the elections and how it has pitted “Republicans” against “Democrats”, brothers against sisters, mothers against children, one racial group against another and I just sense SO MUCH division this time around so much so that I just see something is very very wrong with all of this.
We have the Republican Party and the Democratic Party and even the Constitutional and Libertarian Parties made a bit of an appearance on the scene, there were many other parties to consider but none of those other parties really seemed to “make the cut” for some reason or another.
This election cycle was supposed to be “The Mother of all Election Cycles”, this was supposed to be “Our Time” politically, this was supposed to be all about the people winning the “infowar” and finally fighting back against the establishment, reclaiming our independence once and for all. So now we have proclaimed that we are going to “Make America Great Again”, right?
We are SO TIRED of this vitriolic infowar that has been waged against America with it’s attacks on our civil liberties and our constitutional rights, it’s establishment imposed limitations being placed on our “Freedom of Speech” and the Main Stream Media (MSM) out there trying to completely brainwash us all into believing we should just shut up and “OBEY” with their reinforcement of propaganda stories trying to secure our bonds of “Political Correctness” and just wreaking world wide havoc with all their fake news stories and rhetoric about how the world just needs to embrace peace, all the while helping to sell the establishment kool-aid to it’s audience  and cover up the truth about what is really happening at just about every turn.
But now, NOW, we’ve had enough, and so now we are yelling “Enough is Enough! We are taking our Freedom back!” Right?
Speaking of “infowars” it seems that Alex Jones has the greatest influence on the “Patriot Movement” and he says he is a “Libertarian” but he portrays himself as a man more with a “Constitutionalist” bent while serving up shows day after day to his audience about how much evil is being perpetrated against America by “The Left” or “The Leftist Democrats”, meanwhile you have Rachel Maddow on the direct polar opposite side of the spectrum telling her audience about how much evil is being perpetrated against America by “The Extreme Right Wingers” or the “Republican Right Wing”. It all makes for really good theater, doesn’t it? Yes it is all VERY entertaining, isn’t it?
Now swinging the lens, I focus on the Presidential election. There you have all these candidates on the stage, all the hopefuls lining up for the bid of the office of “The President of the United States of America” and it seems we were somehow given a plethora of candidates on both sides this time which was shocking to me because I half expected the same old routine of them serving us only a few candidates on each side with one really strong candidate in each party, accompanied by a bunch of other “ill suited” candidates that no one would really want to vote for in the first place, thus once again serving up to the American people the same old “Dog and Pony Show” the same old worn out concept of the “Illusion of Choice”. Right?
Only this time Alex Jones was marveling that Rand Paul was up for the vote and he was a “Libertarian” and Alex was just going all out “GaGa” to support Rand Paul because hey, he is, after all, his father’s son, a “Staunch Libertarian” running, of course, on the “Republican Ticket” because otherwise he just would not even have a chance at any decent coverage if he ran on the “Libertarian Ticket”. However Rand Paul just did not seem to have “The Balls” or the “Steam” to make a big enough splash in the election spotlight and so he slowly faded from the scene and Alex Jones was just so distraught that Rand Paul just wasn’t “making the cut”. It seemed, according to Alex Jones, that oh my if Rand Paul does not “Man up” then Hillary is going to win and we can’t have that because Hillary is such an “Evil Witch”. Whatever was the “Patriot Movement” going to do? Oh me! Oh my!

Make no mistake, I totally agree that Hillary is evil, so much so that I have aptly named her “The Wicked Witch of Washington”. Anyway, moving right along…
Now we swing on over to the “Left Side” of the political spectrum for a look, exit “The Libertarian”, Enter “The MadCow” (Rachel Maddow) I have dubbed her “Rancid MadCow” {{snicker}}.
So now on this end of the political spectrum you have Rachel Maddow making wild insults and claims about Alex Jones while she promotes continuous mind numbing, brain washing blather to her audience “The Democrats” or “The Democratic Left” eventually renamed by the leader of the “Patriot Movement” (Alex Jones) to “The Socialist Democratic Left”.
Now at one point in history I will tell you I wholly and completely thought that all democrats were just brain dead sheep because they would buy the blather from Rachel Maddow and all her subordinate minion “Presstitutes” with seemingly apathetic ease and relatively little need for convincing. Man I tell you I just thought they were all blathering IDIOTS! That is, until now…
Why do you say that you ask? Glad you asked…
You see I just recently and FINALLY woke up out of my own trance. I finally realized that not only were all those well meaning “Democrats” just a bunch of Brain  dead sheople, but so are all of those well meaning “Republicans” (to be fair you also have to include all those well meaning Patriots in the Republican Party classification too, just like we have to include all those well meaning Socialists in the Democratic Party classification)
So what am I getting at? It may not yet be readily apparent to you as you read this but there is something eerily familiar about all this sudden environment of terror and political division in America today and you can’t really see why until you study Operation Gladio, Operation Gladio/B, and find out what Sibel Edmonds has brought to light.
Click those 3 links in the paragraph above this one and read about that stuff or you will not completely understand what I am telling you in this article…
So now after having mentioned all this talk about Sibel Edmonds, “Operation Gladio” and “Operation Gladio/B” I really should now draw your attention to all the recent “Terrorist Attacks” (we’ll use CNN as the lens for our cross examination because they are the best at presenting the news in such a way as to effectively “Brainwash The Masses”)

OK I think we can stop there with the examples we will need for this analysis. As you can see by looking at just those three articles alone, it is painfully obvious that America, and the world in general, is being steered, like cattle, into what will amount to WWIII (World War Three!). The Americans are being steered right into the very same kind of civil war that has been perpetrated on Syria, France, and the rest of the foreign countries around the world that have been unlucky enough to have been influenced by the American Government infiltrators we call “The Global Elite”.
Now we have to go back to the “Meteoric Rise” of Donald Trump to “Rock Star Status” in the current election cycle and this by no means should allow us not to also consider the “Meteoric Rise” to “Rock Star Status” of Hillary Clinton either but let’s focus on “The Donald” right now since he seems to be “The Candidate of Choice” even with a very large number of “Democrats”.
Remember when Donald Trump first came on the scene, he was scoffed at as a “Hillary Plant” and “laughed at” by “The Establishment” and “written off” as someone who “had no chance” of becoming the “Presumptive Republican Nominee” let alone be elected President of the United States. Right?
So there he was, “The Donald”, “The Outsider”, “The Long Shot”, “Mr. Underdog” in the flesh. When he announced his bid of candidacy for the Presidential race, this is how he was characterized by the “Establishment Media” and the MSM “Presstitutes”. Even Alex Jones poked at the “Hillary Plant” narrative. Then what happened?
“The Donald” seemed to have “Gone off the political plantation” with his lack of respect for “Politically Correct” speech and his “Brazen Comments”. The Left instantly was “Thrown back on their heels” (according to Alex Jones) by his “Take No Shit” attitude and the audience cheered wildly and began to fall in love with “The Donald”. Donald Trump rose to “Rock Star Status” almost overnight! Sound familiar? Isn’t that what happened the last time we were shopping for a new President in 2008? Hmm…
On the other end of the spectrum you had the DNC who was just kind of playing things down a bit, relative to their usual vigor and vitriol against the “Republican Establishment”.
Why? Because, of course, “They didn’t know what to make of Donald Trump!”. The establishment was apparently in shock! Just so taken aback by his “Totally Unexpected” popularity with the “peasants”. Yes, the establishment was confused by all of this and they were in a PANIC! Right?
That narrative was parroted first by Alex Jones, he had to be first you see because he was not a “Presstitute”, oh no, he was the “Face of the Alternative Media”; standing up against the establishment “Bad Guys”, Alex Jones, the self proclaimed “Tip of the spear” in the “infowar”!
So Alex had to be the one to proclaim that there was yet, a “light at the end of the tunnel” to his audience. Once again the Patriot movement was energized and rambunctious and even more ready to “Fight the Good Fight” than ever before. Whoa boy the establishment better just look out now I tell ya! We got “The Donald”, “The Outsider”, that oh so brave “Mr. Underdog” on our side now and we are GONNA WIN! Then of course the MSM seemed to have no choice but to acknowledge that Alex Jones was right, so they just had to agree with that “Conspiracy Theorist” and “Internet Talk Show Host”, as painful as they made it appear to be. Right?
Now the DNC had their own version of the RNC to feed to us mainly to their brainwashed masses, but to us as well and I used the term us as an inclusive term to encompass all Americans whether Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Constitutionalist etc. No matter the political affiliation, all Americans are part of this time in history, this Grand Political Theater Show of all shows since the beginning of time.
Back to the DNC, so they served up Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton as their “Stars” in the “Democratic” circus show and Hillary was their “Prize Stallion” in this race while Bernie Sanders was really their “Mitt Romney” of the show.
Each side had many other “Promising” candidate choices, but they all conveniently just had too many issues to be considered credible candidates. Guys like Gary Hart had scandal in his past and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio weren’t really “Natural Born Citizens” and the DNC had a few questionable female candidates too like the “Failed Hewlett Packard CEO” Carly Fiorina, or “CarlyFornia” as I cleverly named her {{snicker}}. Oh it all seemed like it was shaping up to be a “Grand Battle” for the “Presidential Seat” in the white House now didn’t it…
So the “Presidential Race” heated up and the candidates gave their speeches, slung their mud and the Debate hosts sullied their names with dirty tricks against the likes of Donald Trump “The Outsider” and showed great favor to any and all the “Establishment Picks” on the Republican side. The DNC pulled “Dirty Tricks” like having an extremely low number of debates and those they had were scheduled to take place at times when they would be eclipsed by other events of higher popularity in the eyes of the people of America, you know like Football, and Nascar, and Game of Thrones. All those things that are just “So interesting” to the masses that they just can’t think about ANYTHING ELSE until their favorite “Entertainment” came to an end.
Plus we had all that HUGE scandal theater with Hillary Clinton and Benghazi and missing nukes but that got swept under the rug and she got cleared. So now the people were just FURIOUS that she could be so bold to continue to run for President with all that scandal on her head and that the FBI (or was it secretly Obama?) just ignored her high crimes. Man we were just PISSED now!
So then comes the Hillary Clinton email scandal and her “Mishandling” of “Top Secret” information combined with Alex Jones, again telling us how to think, talking about her criminal implications with her “Clinton Foundation” and receiving bribes from foreign governments and Bill “The Rapist” Clinton being her husband and how the Saudi’s just own her now so there is JUST NO WAY she could EVER be President now because she would be COMPLETELY COMPROMISED!
Plus she stole the election from Bernie Sanders (Burpee Slanders) and now Bernie is pissed at Hillary for stealing his delegates and super delegates Just like the RNC was doing to “The Donald”. Boy this show is just SO exciting! Just when you thought it couldn’t get ANY BETTER, it just takes a wild side spin out of nowhere and I just can’t keep up! Man, what a ride, what a WILD ride! Right?
Fast forward to present day. The Elections are cooling down now and “The Donald”, “The Outsider”, “Mr. Underdog” to “Superstar” has won the hearts and minds of Americans far and wide! Hillary has stolen the “Presumptive Democratic Nomination” from Mit… I mean Bernie Sanders and she beat him down so bad that he is now endorsing her as well.
Ugh! America is just SO DISGUSTED with the evil Hillary Clinton! We run around sporting our “Hillary For Prison 2016” T-Shirts and we are so proud that we are taking such a stand against the establishment. We’ll show them and if they think we are pushovers well, THEY”RE JUST WRONG! We are going to really CLEAN HOUSE this election cycle boy let me tell you! We’re going to elect “The Donald” and he is going to be our “El Presidente” because he is a bad ass and no one, NO ONE can touch him! He just can’t be bought because he is worth over 4 to 10 Billion dollars, or so he says because since he is a private investor with no ties to wall street (because he never put any of his business dealings up for IPO – on the stock market) since his companies and their finances are not on the stock market, we really just don’t know what he is worth for sure. This is also, apparently, why we are not asking him to post his tax returns too, we don’t need to see “The Donald’s” tax returns cuz he’s just squeaky clean, hey did you forget who we’re talking about here? He’s “The Donald” baby! The man! “The Don”! Right?
So, are you starting to smell the “Proverbial Coffee” yet folks? Do you see the whole “Divide and Conquer” strategy that has been played out right in front of you all? Do you understand yet that you are ALL STILL ASLEEP?!
OK then, let’s go a bit further, shall we?
So Now the dust is settling and the smoke is clearing. All that is left to do to secure our way of life again and kick those bastards out for good, is to vote in “The Donald”. After that America will be great again, our children will be safe, we will all have jobs again and…
Uh oh wait, what was that? Uhg! Oh no, here we go again! Not another WILD RIDE, I can’t take any more!
Now we have “Terror Attacks” raging across American soil, our borders are wide open, the office of the President is occupied by a real “Radical Muslim Terrorist”. Does this all seem to sound a bit familiar yet? Maybe apply the lens of the EU to all of this. Maybe the lens of France? Syria? Iraq? Are you seeing any correlation at all yet…?
And to all you “Patriots” blindly following Alex Jones (I admit I was too for a long time) and just gobbling up his total BS “Co-Intel-Pro”, “Neuro Linguistic Programming” I am pleading with you…
WAKE UP! There is no time left to remain asleep! The alarm is sounding and America is under attack right now and you all, me too, are in grave danger because we have gone and fallen for the very same tricks we proclaim we are resisting and fighting against. All the while, THE MATRIX HAS YOU! – FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT!
I know many people are going to just want to gouge my eyes out and will spew atrocities at me for this and I may even get a few death threats but it will all be worth it if only just one of you wakes up to the lie that has been pulled off right in front of our unseeing eyes. Hell, it may already be too late but at least you now have been warned people. The game is almost over and you are no further ahead than when you first began to try to win this fight.
They have agents everywhere and they are all playing you like a finely tuned violin…
This is not a joke, This is by no mean meant to be a satire piece, I am not trying to be funny, I am trying to wake you up FOR REAL! You think you are awake but you are not!
Please read this quote from the movie “The Matrix” and try to take it to heart. Use this quote as your new lens because if you do not really open your eyes very soon, there will come a time very soon when you will not be able to…

Morpheus: I imagine that right now, you’re feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm? Tumbling down the rabbit hole?
Neo: You could say that.
Morpheus: I see it in your eyes. You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. Ironically, that’s not far from the truth. Do you believe in fate, Neo?
Neo: No.
Morpheus: Why not?
Neo: Because I don’t like the idea that I’m not in control of my life.
Morpheus: I know *exactly* what you mean. Let me tell you why you’re here. You’re here because you know something. What you know you can’t explain, but you feel it. You’ve felt it your entire life, that there’s something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad. It is this feeling that has brought you to me. Do you know what I’m talking about?
Neo: The Matrix.
Morpheus: Do you want to know what it is?
Neo: Yes.
Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.

BREAK THE MATRIX PEOPLE and break it now or we are all finished…
“Stick a fork in us we’re done”… That kind of finished…
So where do we go from here? Anyone have any ideas? What say you? What say you…?

Got a comment? Then type it already! :P

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