What will "Martial Law" look like when it finally comes to America, even the world?

What will "Martial Law" look like when it finally comes to America, even the world?

Recently a friend alerted me to this post on FaceBook and the conversation in the comments section. I cannot comment on this post since I am not FaceBook Friends with the poster but I feel it is a good post that should be shared for discussion:
My response would be as follows:
I believe he is correct in his message, the video analysis is also correct about the end times being here and the global economy as well as the establishment wanting to bring about civil war in America. It is the last step needed to overtake her. Having said that however, I see a bit of a different scenario unfolding. I believe, contrary to Laura Marconi’s belief (she states her belief in the comments section) that Obama is the Antichrist, My pick for that role, which appears to be playing out right now and right in plain sight in front of the whole world (RNC Presidential Theater), is Donald J Trump.
It makes sense too, cynically, as the Devil would play his “Trump” card against the saints in order to “Overtake” them.
Give pause if you will to the phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum translated as “A New Order of the Ages” or also as “Order Out of Chaos”,  Donald J Trump stands in line right now to take the worlds most powerful seat of power, The President of the United States of America. That is the seat of power the Antichrist will need to occupy in order to carry out his agenda of “world domination”.
You see Obama cannot be the choice for the Antichrist because he is “The Great Divider”. His policies reflect that title all to well.
Indeed he has issued policy after policy, Executive Order after “divisive” Executive Order which has had the “intended” affect of dividing the nation of America, pitting citizen against their own fellow citizen, even dividing the world against itself, effectively creating that “Chaos” needed for the “Antichrist” to step into and turn into to “Order”, and so he is not well liked, I dare say hated extremely, by the world over and therefore he could not muster the kind of support that the Antichrist will need to convince the world populace to “Call for One World Order, Call for One World Currency, and Call for One World Religion“.
Instead he, “The Antichrist”, will make it seem as though “The People” have made these decisions and he is merely implementing “The Will of the People”…
Therefore the Antichrist will be “The Great Organizer”, he will have the will of the people behind his actions so he can say “Hey, you called for this, I just gave you what you asked for”. This is how he will fool “even the elect if that were possible“. This is how he will get the ungodly and even those who are weak or lacking faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to willingly, and happily I might add, not just take “The Mark of the Beast” but proudly display it for all the world to see and ridicule those who would dare oppose it.
Look at how easy it was to divide the world over the issue of vaccines, how many people slung vitriol and hatred toward the “Anti-Vaxxers” and yet now it has come about that the vaccines are IN FACT deadly and the “Anti-Vaxxers” were right to oppose the agenda.
First, just look how “The Donald” was presented on the stage at the RNC and listen also to the choice of music used for his introduction in this video. You also have to have noticed the blank, empty stare Melania held as she blithely read her “script” from the “Teleprompters” (both on the left and the right so she could switch between the two in order to give the appearance that she is intelligently addressing the crowd and looking them in the eyes even though she is not, further you can tell she is just reading a pre-prepared speech as she tends to butcher a few words here and there)  in this speech as she “Sold The Donald” to the world. Look closely in the beginning you can see the teleprompters rise up as “The Donald” makes his grand entrance…

This is how Satan has been duping Americans and the world with his blather and mass hypnosis (Mass Mind Control) all along, with Hot, Beautiful, Empty Shells that should be on runways modeling the latest fashion line and not discoursing political views, news, and selling the world a new leader.
I understand that Melania may be an intelligent woman and she may well also be very “accomplished” but this night, when she sold you “The Donald”, she was very “Blank” and “Empty” indeed I would say “Shallow” and without substance or earnest empathy. She just “coldly” executed her duty as his “Spokes Model”.
So I would direct your attention to two of my recent blog posts which are:

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In these posts I lay out some more “in-depth” information on the subject and I encourage you not only to read those posts but also take the information given there and use it as a basis for your own investigation and fact finding venture.
I am sure this post will anger some who read it and others will find this discourse interesting while others will write me off as a “lunatic” but to each his own opinion. Right?
I invite your comments and discussion on this topic so please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

That’s all for now,

 RedPill signing off…

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