Flat Earth Theory: Heliocentric vs Geocentric POV |–Pros and Cons

Flat Earth Theory: Heliocentric vs Geocentric POV |–Pros and Cons

ProsAndConsYou have to let it all go Neo; Fear, Doubt, and Disbelief…”Free your mind”… That scene is probably one of the most famous scenes of all time. When Morpheus took NEO into the construct then showed him how to unlock or “Free his mind…” IT seemed as the “entire world” was familiar with the movie “The Matrix”. So familiar with it, they tended to memorize their favorite parts of the script and then repeat it in social settings to entertain their friends and “share a revelation” thus hoping to convince others to view them as more “Enlightened” or in a sort of “Elevated Consciousness” . Lately though, it seems somewhere along the line, we fell asleep, you know?
If that is the case, then when exactly did we allow this to happen? How can we “Reawaken” our minds…
TrollCommentWas the Flat Earth theory simply put forth as a bait to “Truthers” and Christians simply to use as ridicule later on to belittle valid arguments and theories on other topics in forums where people form lasting opinions of the topics they discuss? Quite possibly it was…
This may resonate with many people today; as many more of us are waking up more and more each passing day. Still to others, this might sound like pure trash. Regardless of your personal opinions, I just want to show people how to see this “Matrix-Like world” we all live in.
I Took The Red Pill.jpgAt first glance, that term, “Matrix-Like” seems foreign now, even too overbearing for our minds to accept yet, consequently, our minds then struggle for a direction to take with this new information toward our perceptions of reality and our biases .
Therefore the very fact that our minds “Cannot Accept” the impact of the reality this new information would impart to our minds, in reality, means we effectively “Do not have a choice”, and so we therefore cannot know the truth within or about the concept placed before us for our consideration, until we accept it as first, as a “platonic” piece of our reality; so that we can then make a moral judgement against it, in order to thoroughly “Classify” it in our minds for the purposes of retention of that information for later use. . .
Not fully accepted yet not fully rejected either. Set aside rather, like a “Source” needing a bit more vetting…
MatrixTunnelThis is a concept that vexes man’s wildest imaginations.  It does mine, how about you? Do you ever walk around and, at times, it almost seems like a movie, playing out right before your eyes? When do you recall, is the last time you really “TESTED” the validity of an idea before accepting it as a truth in your world? When was the last time, do you think, that others actually “gave a damn” about each other? Maybe it’s just me but it seems, on FaceBook alone, that the people of the world appear to be “ready to pounce” at any time. “Why if you say one “bad” thing about my belief I will clobber you!”. This is a trending behavior on FaceBook. With so many “Politically”, “Racially”,  and “Religiously” charged topics being brought to the front of the public’s mind by the Main Stream Media and Alternate Media all at once like this, one has or should have a tendency to wonder “Am I under Attack”?Matrix-SystemFailure
When you look around at all these Supposed “Terror Attacks” in the news, WHAT GOES THROUGH YOUR MIND? You probably don’t realize it but you hold great power here on this “Planet Earth”, inside this “Social Construct” you hold the power of “Yes & No”. Your opinion is “poked at”, lured, and lulled by external forces. Your opinion holds much weight and is highly sought after  in this “Social Construct”, like I mentioned before, by 16-TON-WEIGHTAdvertisers, “Narrative Pushers”, and Trolls alike. Why do you think it is that Advertisers spend SO MUCH money on the ads you see all around you. Do you think it is just because they have GI-NORMOUS egos? Because they are just swollen with pride over their goods and “They have just gotta get it out, just gotta tell someone or they’ll just burst”? Do you think the politicians want to sell you something too? A line of “BullShit” mebbe? How much do you think the politicians spend on elections now? And all just to sway little ole your opinion. Why do you thinkNEOMatrix that is I wonder? Do you understand yet? They need your permission or they can’t do ANYTHING. Without your consent, they have no power. Everything that is happening to America is all by consent. You consent when you are complacent, you may not realize it but it is complacent50Pcnttrue. Even now, you may not be complacent but instead an active participant. “Just doing my part” you’d say but what do you really know that you know to be vetted truth? Why do I open with and bring all this up?
Because I am about to present you with two very powerful, life changing power, points of view and so you need to be acutely aware of what you are about to watch or listening to and how the information presented could affect your view of the world in a major way. So just keep all this in mind as you review both arguments.
Both the Heliocentric and Geocentric perspectives seem to be not only believable, but even possible “within the realm of the imagination” without the need to make a very big leap in our perception of reality and so this topic can, will, and does cause many people to draw wrong conclusions. Just be sure to “check the facts” not just your facts that “you think you already know you know” but also and more critically, the evidence presented to you as “fact” by others.
Once you have personally vetted information given to you to be sure of the facts, only then can you make a sound decision based upon the evidence not only just “given”, but also the evidence you have personally verified as true. You need to understand that there are people with great power to affect perception and trick the mind.

OK so without further ado, I present the arguments. The following presentations are two sides of this argument which I found to both be “Very Impactful” and worth reviewing so one can be aware of what is being discussed in this area with great detail and at great length:


So n now… You have heard both sides of the argument, What do you think? The comments on this post will be open a very long time so feel free to begin a discussion or just voice your own opinion:

Still not sure if you believe the Earth is “Round” or “Flat”? This 3 part series should finally clear up all the confusion surrounding the “Flat Earth” theory once and for all…

This is a 3 part series of videos that show how anyone can prove to themselves that the earth is not flat. It is a spherical spinning ball. There is also more information on each of the video descriptions on the YouTube site where each video is hosted, so checkout the descriptions on each video independently as well for more info on each one.

So even after ALL OF THAT EVIDENCE, you are STILL not convinced? Well maybe that is because you are a Christian and you just don’t believe anything from the secular world…
OK then, I got you covered there too, Check out this presentation on the matter from CHRISTIANITY BELIEFS: (christianitybeliefs.org)

The Flat Earth Deception Debunked

RedPillRed Pill, Signing off…

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