There is a War Going on for Your Mind…

There is a War Going on for Your Mind…

** — Your thoughts and opinions hold great power in this world and the “narrative” merchants on the sea of life all want you to believe what they tell you to believe, think only what they tell you to think.

As long as they control your thoughts and opinions, they control you and when they control you, they control your power…

Power is the real currency in this world and that power is derived from your thoughts and opinions of those “In Power”…

They can make no decisions regarding you nor can they do anything to you without your consent…

You probably don’t realize it but you hold great power here on this “Planet Earth”, inside this “Social Construct”, you hold the power of “Yes & No”…

Your opinion is “poked at”, lured, and lulled by external forces. Your opinion holds much weight and is highly sought after in this “Social Construct”, like I mentioned before, by Advertisers, “Narrative Pushers”, and Trolls alike.

Why do you think it is that Advertisers spend SO MUCH money on the ads you see all around you?

Do you think it is just because they have GI-NORMOUS egos? Because they are just swollen with pride over their goods and “They have just gotta get it out, just gotta tell someone or they’ll just burst”?

Do you think the politicians want to sell you something too? A line of “BullShit” mebbe?

How much do you think the politicians spend on elections now?

And all just to sway little ole your opinion. Why do you think that is I wonder?

Do you understand yet? They need your permission or they can’t do ANYTHING.

Without your consent, they have no power. Everything that is happening to America is all by consent.

You consent when you are complacent, you may not realize it but it is true.

Even now, you may not be complacent but instead an active participant. “Just doing my part” you’d say but what do you really know that you know to be the vetted truth…?

If you want to know where to start looking to understand what you are really in the middle of, I suggest you watch/listen to the above video. It is a very powerful presentation by  Jordan Maxwell speaking about Maritime Admiralty Law (Law of water/banking law) Civil law and how you are “The Walking Dead” from birth.
Many people in this world, perhaps even you, have no idea of the very real “Matrix” they have been born into. The reason is this: Either no one knows or no one told you…
Thus we all go through our daily lives believing the propaganda pushed on us by the very system that has entrapped us from birth.
You probably see all the chaos happening around you and may be wondering, “what the hell is all this happening for anyway?” and like most, you are unable to get a straight answer from anybody apparently. Oh everyone seems to have their opinions, or loosely researched conclusions, but no one seems to have hard evidence to back their “facts”.
So like the person below, we become increasingly angry and frustrated at hearing all this talk about how “they” are evil but “We are watching, we are everywhere, expect us…” or you hear a similar message from a famous talk show or another “Truther” you know.
Eventually it seems that everyone is just talking and nothing of real substance is happening to solve the problem.

  • Random Observation:
    • Actual FaceBook comment –

Anon, you all seem to know what is going on in this world today, yet you show us, you tell, but it still keeps going. You ask us to look to Sept 27 and tell us that the dollar will collapse. You have seen how this government and police power today is, IT IS BRUTAL ON PEOPLE who have done nothing wrong but yet you still do nothing. You are always telling us what will happen or what you will do to make it happen but STILL nothing changes. What makes you think that ANONYMOUS can really do anything other than hack into and see and take but does not use. If you are going to put your neck on the line I ask are you waiting for it to be chopped off or will you use what you have to start turning a curve for the people and then bring others to justice JUST WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR THIS COUNTRY TO STAND UP AND SAY WE ARE YOUR EMPLOYERS AND YOU ARE OUR WORKERS AND YOU ARE FIRED. when, when, WHEN.

So now you want change but are you willing to become your own best advocate for that change?

Don’t you think it would be better to have a part or say in how that change comes to be?

Instead of trusting someone else to get it right, why not take your rightful place and help assure it DOES get done right in the first place?

Instead of asking “What can they do”, take a good look into the mirror and ask yourself “What can you do?”…

Take Red PillRedPill signing off…

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