Criminal US President? | Barack Obama Signs The Dark Act Into Law July 29, 2016 | What This Means For American Consumers

Criminal US President? | Barack Obama Signs The Dark Act Into Law July 29, 2016 | What This Means For American Consumers

On July 29, 2016, in a press release made available at, the worst fear of American food consumers is realized as a dark new reality. The reality which the GMO activists have been fighting with all they’ve got to give; has been tracking the fight since as far back as August 2013.

In the text of the press release you find an expanded version of this statement:

On Friday, July 29, 2016, the President signed into law:

H.R. 2607, H.R. 3700, H.R. 3931, H.R. 3953, H.R. 4010, H.R. 4425, H.R. 4747, H.R. 4761, H.R. 4777, H.R. 4877, H.R. 4904, H.R. 4925, H.R. 4975, H.R. 4987, H.R. 5028, H.R. 5722, S. 764, S. 2893, S. 3055, S. 3207

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In a NaturalNewsFavIconWhiteFieldNaturalNews article, Staff Writer Julie Wilson writes:

Obama-Sign-Bill-GMO-Labels(NaturalNews) While Americans were bustling about in preparation for their weekend, President Barack Obama quietly signed a bill late Friday afternoon that will likely forever keep people in the dark about the presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their food.
Drafted by Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan., and ranking Democrat Debbie Stabenow of Michigan, the legislation gives food producers the option to disclose GMO ingredients through digital codes, instead of the mandatory, on-package labels called for by 90 percent of citizens.
Consumers wishing to learn about GMO ingredients will have to use smart phones to scan a barcode on food packages that reads: “Scan here for more food information.” The percentage of GMOs in a food product that requires QR code labeling will be decided by the future Secretary of Agriculture.

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evil_pears_mean_bad_gmo_fruit_food_produce_420x280.jpgAs if to give the American people the middle finger, Obama signed the act into law with absolutely no regard for what the people of America have to say on the issue. It isn’t like this is somehow an “insignificant” issue for America, or even the world. This “Dark Act” becoming the law in America sets a very dangerous precedent for the entire world as healthy food will now not be able to be easily identified for consumers.
With the Dark Act becoming law we will now have no choice as to what food labels tell us about the products we find on store shelves in the near future. No longer will the health conscious consumer be able to easily select the good foods over the bad because they will both bare no evidence of which one is comprised of GMO’s and which one is organic.
If this sinister Dark Act legislation is allowed to go unchallenged or is not reversed, the implications will be staggering and not in a very good way by any means.

In a related article by
Heather Callaghan of Writes:
We regret to inform you that President Barack Obama signed into law, S. 764, which was the newest manifestation of the DARK Act (Denying Americans the Right to Know).
The DARK Acts were a way to establish federal labeling – i.e. the lack of GM labeling – and would banish all state labeling initiatives under a federal standard. A brief press release by the White House simply mentioned a list of bills and S. 764, “which directs the Secretary of Agriculture to establish a national mandatory bioengineered food disclosure standard,” was listed at the end. The “disclosure standard” must be an inside joke, because the disclosure involves the consumer having to scan a QR code on a food product to find out about genetically modified ingredients, or call a 1-800 number. These measures might not even happen for another five years.

The federal measure authored by Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and fast-tracked by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (no committee, no debate) has now quelled all state efforts for clear text labeling of genetically modified organisms in food. This writer wonders whether the state labeling initiatives purposely held off their labeling efforts until 2018 – 2016 at the earliest – in anticipation of this federal measure. After all, the Senators received millions from Big Agri. Read about the tricky business involved in ramming this measure through.
Center for Food Safety reports:

Consumer, food safety, farm, environmental, and religious groups along with several food corporations representing hundreds of thousands of Americans condemned the bill when it was before Congress. The FDA said the bill’s narrow and ambiguous definition of “bioengineering,” would “likely mean that many foods from GE sources will not be subject to this bill” and that it “may be difficult” for any GMO food to qualify for labeling under the bill.

The Consumerist notes of the bill:

It also directs the Secretary of Agriculture to eventually — at some point in two to three years — come up with a national labeling standard.

However, that standard could be incredibly weak and provide virtually no information to consumers, argue opponents of the law.. . . .
[A loophole]… says food products receiving these labels must contain “genetic material.” By the FDA’s reckoning, that would seem to exempt products like oils, starches, and purified proteins even if they were sourced from GE crops.
The law also says that an item is only to be labeled as genetically modified if the modification could not have occurred through “conventional breeding.” The FDA raised concerns that the lack of specificity in the language could open this term up to an overly generous reading.

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One post on Organic Consumers reads:

Corporate Money Defeats GMO Labeling—What Would Gandhi Do?

August 1, 2016

Brown wallet overflowing with cash flanked by a fork and knife
The deed is done. On Friday, July 29, 2016, President Obama signed a bill that was written by corporations, paid for by corporations and that serves no one in this country—except corporations.
S.764, known by its opponents as the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act, preempts Vermont’s mandatory GMO labeling law and substitutes in its place a federal bill that, no matter how Obama and his Congress try to spin it, is not mandatory and does not require labels—at least not labels that anyone can read.
I could, once again, list all the reasons this bill fails consumers. But I and others have already done that countless times, to no avail. The bill is a sham, a slap in the face to the 90 percent of Americans who support labeling. It’s an attack on states’ rights. It’s another “gift” to Monsanto and Big Food.
And, for anyone who still harbored any doubt, S.764 is proof that our Democracy is broken, that our lawmakers answer to Corporate America, not to us, the people who elect them.
It would be easy, after four-and-a-half years of non-stop fighting for labels, to cave in to despair. But let’s not give Monsanto the satisfaction. Instead, let’s take a page out of Gandhi’s playbook. Let’s launch a boycott that will go down in history.
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Yet another of their articles lists out some of the GMO labeling traitors who have pretended to be on the side of the consumers when in reality it seems they sold out long ago after all:

Organic Traitors Team Up with Monsanto and GMA on DARK Act

June 28, 2016
Organic Consumers Association
by Ronnie Cummins
Organic traitors Hirschberg and Robb
Editor’s note: This article was written and first appeared before the Senate voted on July 7 to pass the Roberts-Stabenow GMO labeling bill. 
A growing list of Organic Traitors have been telling Congress behind closed doors—and now publicly—that they and the organic community will accept an industry-crafted DARK Act “compromise”—the Stabenow/Roberts bill— that eliminates mandatory GMO labeling and preempts the Vermont law with a convoluted and deceptive federal regime for QR codes and 1-800 numbers that is completely voluntary, and will exempt 95 percent of the current GMO-tainted foods on the market.
This list of Organic Traitors includes the head of Whole Foods Market, Walter RobbGary Hirschberg, the CEO of Stonyfield Farm and the pseudo-pro GMO labeling group Just Label It; the Environmental Working Group, represented by Scott Faber, former head lobbyist for the pro-biotech Grocery Manufacturers Association; UNFI, the largest wholesaler of natural and organic foods; and the OTA, led by “natural” brands such as Smuckers and White Wave, and represented by their Board Chair Melissa Hughes from Organic Valley.
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So far it appears that consumers have lost this battle but it does not have to be that way because bad or “unconstitutional” laws do not have to be enforced in America.
Further, we as Americans actually have a duty, because our constitution states as much, not to conform to such unconstitutional laws, especially when they are implemented by an “illegal President” such as Barack Hussein Obama whom, since he is not a “Natural Born Citizen“, is actually a “Usurper” of the Office of the President of the united states of America.
In as much it is also our duty to remove him according to our laws and to reverse and rescind ALL legislation he has put forth during his illegal tenure in office…
So don’t just read this article, find out what you as a sovereign American, can do to regain constitutional control of our country. Take action and get involved in the information war, because America is under heavy attack and she needs all of us to join the fight if we are to regain our status as a nation of truly free people…
What say you…?
Take Red PillRedPill signing off…

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