Tiny places utilize LESS electricity. Agenda 21 – GONE CRAZY

Tiny places utilize LESS electricity. Agenda 21 – GONE CRAZY


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In case you have not noticed, micro apartments and micro houses are being created and strongly encouraged under the guise of “Green Energy and Saving the Planet.” What does this mean? Tiny places utilize LESS electricity. Agenda 21 – GONE CRAZY.
Master plan – the global elites want 11 Mega Cities all consisting of 6 million people each. Let us do the math ~ 11 X 6 = 66 million people. Oh, the devil is done hiding! Where are the rest of the 250+ million people going to be given the fact that there are well over 300+ million people living right here in America???
They are also going to create grid check points: (mobile guard towers_ that will prevent you from traveling). Several friends have reported seeing them already stationed at malls and department store parking lots.
Phrase of the day: “A LOW-CARBON MOBILITY CITY” . . in other words, Stack and Pack. Have you seen how they live in Brazil – high density housing . . houses stacked on top of houses stacked on top of houses. It is happening right now ~ just where do you think the millions of illegals pouring into this country are going to live?
Things that make you go “Hmmmmmmmm.” Listen to what Hitliary says when she uses the Phrase of the day ~ A LOW-CARBON MOBILITY CITY. Her and her buddy, Podesta (along with several others), have been behind the Oz curtain salivating for the very moment they will announce their “GRANDIOSE PLAN” to save the planet. . .SMH
Don’t believe me ~ PAY ATTENTION
Oh, and don’t forget ~ Podesta’s baby, which happens to be the WORLD DATA CENTER being created by APPLE that will come to fruition by the end of next year or the middle of 2018, I am told. Why do you think they are pushing for everyone to get online, especially with their billing “-)
Below is a picture of just one of the Apple Data Centers located in Cupertino, California. I wonder if this RING can be destroyed by fire . . . where is Frodo Baggins when you need him “-) EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED – I cannot stress this enough, Folks. PAY ATTENTION.

Addendum to my previous post:

This one is for the naysayers that refuse to believe the UN master elites are creating a “New International Urban Rail Platform for North America” and other countries ~ all a part of Agenda 21
The proof, as they say, is in the pudding “-) PAY ATTENTION

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