Red Cross or Red Crooks | You Be the Judge

Red Cross or Red Crooks | You Be the Judge

So recently I have been seeing videos and articles alike coming out and accusing the Red Cross of fraud and mismanagement. Not just with money but also with supplies donated by a great many well meaning Americans plus others from around the world. The latest snafu is out of Texas where, so far, I have seen two damning viral videos surface accusing the Red Cross of such acts as outright theft and also gross mismanagement of items donated for the relief effort in Houston, TX.
I decided to do my own digging and I put my findings into the following video:

If you are looking for advice, I would lean toward the advice given by those in the video above and many others who are also advising to stop giving your money blindly to the Red Crooks as they seem to just be in this game solely for the money money money…
Instead I would like to join the others in urging you to seek out local shelters, Churches, and smaller relief organizations in the immediate areas of these disasters as they will be more prudent and transparent with what they are doing with your donations for the relief efforts.
Why give your hard earned dough to an organization who promises to do good with it only to have them turn around and fly in the face of those in need by simply pocketing your well meaning donations.

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RedPill signing off…

One thought on “Red Cross or Red Crooks | You Be the Judge

  1. You are right about the Red Cross but not about the part about Obama. He never intended the EO for anything except National Defense it does not give the Red Cross permission to steal donations but you make it seem that way in your video. You should correct that part in the video & stick to the truth about the Red Cross. Don’t mix the two please, it’s too political.

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