The Time Has Come for Directed Energy | So Says Booz Allen Hamilton

The Time Has Come for Directed Energy | So Says Booz Allen Hamilton

This work is a publication to show once and for all to the naysayers that Directed Energy Weapons are a PRESENT DAY reality. I have had way too many conversations with people where I try to explain that Directed Energy Weapons are real only to have them either roll their eyes in disbelief or walk away and insult me under their breathe and some have even flung the “Tin Foil Hat” insult my way on occasion, friends and strangers alike.

In this article it is my “mission” to prove to the technically uneducated masses that Directed Energy Weapons AKA DEWs do, in fact, exist and are being fielded and wielded by the one and only Military Industrial Complex of the USA. What this article will also prove is that this technology has been around since as early as the 1960’s.

Several nations are engaging in development and production of directed energy weapons. Recent scientific advances now enable the production of lethal lasers and high-powered microwaves. The current growth and development in this emerging area strongly suggests that directed energy weapons of lethal power will reach the battlefield before 2010. Since proliferation of lower power laser weapons has already happened, it is likely that proliferation of high power or high energy weapons will occur as well. This paper expands on this development and posits potential impacts on a plausible future battlefield, developed in part from the Alternate Futures of AF 2025, where all comers deploy lethal directed energy technologies. From these impacts, which span doctrine, organization, force structure, and systems design, this paper recommends changes to better posture the United States for this potential future.

DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS ON THE BATTLEFIELD: A NEW VISION FOR 2025 (by John P. Geis II, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF ) – April 2003 Occasional Paper No. 32 Center for Strategy and Technology Air War College Air University Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama pg-10

What you are about to witness below is a comprehensive video archive of the last four Directed Energy Summits hosted by:

CSBA (Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments):

The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments is an independent, non-profit, Washington, D.C. -based think tank specializing in US defense policy, force planning, and budgets. It is headed by Dr. Thomas G. Mahnken.

Along with Booz | Allen | Hamilton, a favorite defense contractor of the MIC (Military Industrial Complex):

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. is an American management and information technology consulting firm, headquartered in McLean, Virginia, in Greater Washington, D.C., with 80 other offices around the globe.

I don’t want this to become a report on the fires in California, but this article is a complimentary piece to the last article I wrote that does deal with the relationship between the California fires and Directed Energy Weapons which you can read here:

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Military Industrial Complex Mosaic


Instead I just want you to be able to focus strictly on the subject matter of Directed Energy Weapons because there is a vast amount of information on them in this post. So much in fact that once you have completed reviewing this article, you should possess the equivalent knowledge of probably 4 to 8 solid college credits .

DE Tank denies incoming missile with shadow

I have deliberately listed the DE Summits in reverse order so that you will be able to travel the timeline in reverse. I did this for a very good and specific reason and that has to do with the cliche that goes like this: “Hindsight is 20/20”. This cliche denotes the advantages of being able to look back over past information and make better decisions and conclusions than you did or could have without the prior experience that comes with gaining that information.

So, with that said I want you to watch the videos in the order I have set them in so that as you go backward through this timeline, you will have that advantage to recall information from the present as you view the video presentations from the past and reference what they said in the past against what is said in the future or most recent summit videos. This adds a powerful advantage to comprehension of what the speakers are thinking of because in the past videos they don’t reveal what they do in the future or recent videos, but you already know what they are not revealing by having watched the latest sets first.

OK, I don’t want to talk your ears off but I do want you to understand as much as possible about Directed Energy Weapons, because they are being used against Americans on American soil. Right now it is limited to California but you can bet once they are done practicing there, the rest of the country will be in the cross-hairs of their next project.

Now understand that when you watch these videos, as you go backward in time, if you pay close attention you can see that in the latest video sets the speakers will make sure to present this technology as if it is for the good of the nation and the people. You can also note they are being very careful to quote the “Official Narratives” on the subjects of 911, ISIS, and even “Climate Change” (oh brother). This is emphasized to a much lesser degree as you go backward through time in these videos. That is something to note because these weapons are already in prototype form and it’s a good bet that those are what is being used in secret against the people in California right now with the so called “forest fires” in Paradise, Santa Rosa, Coffey Park and elsewhere.

CHMP Cruise Missile High Power Microwave EMP
CHMP Cruise Missile High Power Microwave EMP (CHaMP)

There is also a bonus video set at the end of this article featuring Jamie Lee of being interviewed by Shelly Lewis. It is a two video set and the first video is about the absence of a source for a fire in the middle of the forest while there is a house that has been absolutely razed to the ground while the trees all around it are still standing, fresh and unburned. They seem to have uncovered information about a possible FEMA camp that has been setup near Paradise, CA in the second video and they do a drive by as Shelly is interviewing Jamie Lee.

One more thing to note before we begin: Under Each Video Header is a “Video Slider” with a number of videos in that set denoted by the dots underneath the video sets. You can use the dots to navigate each of the sliders or use the arrows that appear on the sets when you hover your mouse over each one.

One last note: I have created an Acronym Key for as many acronyms as I was able to glean that are used in these presentations to help you better understand the subjects being discussed, there is also an info graphic for your perusal that should help to explain about some of the vehicles being tested and deployed by the Military in this whole process. Both are located at the end of this article:

Alright, without further ado, start here and work your way through the catalog. Take breaks as often as you feel like it. As I said above, this is a vast amount of information and it will be taxing to try to take it all in at once, so try to break it up into sessions as you watch…

2018 Directed Energy Summit

March 21-March 22, 2018
Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
1300 Pennsylvania Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20004

CSBA Directed Energy Summit 2018 Preamble


The Evolution of Directed Energy


The Legislative Perspective on Directed Energy


The Policy Perspective on Directed Energy


The Researchers Perspective on Directed Energy


Closing Keynote: The 2018 Election


2017 CSBA Directed Energy Summit


2016 CSBA Directed Energy Summit


2015 CSBA Directed Energy Summit


Military Program Acronym Chart


Paradise Lost # 11 ~ “Forest Fire” My Ass ~ This Is a Matter of Genocide


Acronym Key:

  • ACC – Air Combat Command
  • AFGSC – Air Force Global Strike Command
  • AFSFC – Air Force Security Forces Center
  • AFRL – Air Force Research Lab
  • CID – Combat ID
  • DE – Directed Energy
  • DED – Directed Energy Directorate
  • DEW – Directed Energy Weapon
  • DoD – Department of Defense
  • EO/IR Enhanced Optical / Infra Red
    • Highly sensitive sensors
    • Highly Agile
  • GBAD – Ground based Air Defense
  • HEL – High Energy Laser
  • HELIOS – High Energy Laser with Integrated Optical-Dazzler and Surveillance
  • HELMTT – High Energy Laser Mobile Test Truck
  • HEL TVD – High Energy Laser Test Vehicle Demonstration
  • HERC – Human Effects Risk Characterization
  • HiJENKS – High-power Joint Electromagnetic Non-Kinetic Strike
  • HPM – High Powered Microwave
  • HyDRA – Hybrid Defense of Restricted Airspace
  • JNLWD – Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate
  • JUON – Joint Urgent Operational Need
  • MEHEL – Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser
  • ODIN – Optical Dazzling Interdictor, Navy
  • OSD – Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • PACAF – Pacific Air Forces
  • PGM – Precision Guided Missiles/Munitions
  • RHEL – Ruggedized High Energy Laser
  • SDPE – Strategic Development, Planning, and Experimentation
  • SOS – System of Systems
  • SHIELD – Self-Protect High Energy Laser Demonstration
  • SSL-TM – Solid State Laser – Technology Maturation
  • sUAS – Small Unmanned Airborne Systems
  • TAHEL – Tactical Airborne High Energy Laser
  • TTP – Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
  • UAS – Unmanned Aircraft System
  • UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • UOF – Use Of Force
  • UON – Urgent Operational Needs

OK, that is all I have for now. Remember the Truth is out there, waiting to be found. Go find more truth!

RedPillRedPill signing off…

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