Atlas and Spot The Wildest New Wireless Hunter / Killer Robots?

Atlas and Spot The Wildest New Wireless Hunter / Killer Robots?

Atlas navigating  a door.gif
Atlas showcasing the “bi-pedal” skill of navigating through a door like a human

So I was browsing Twitter today and what pops up in my Twitter feed? This new video that shows the “New and Improved”, recently purchased by Google, Boston Dynamics Corporation’s latest iteration of the Atlas Robot demonstrating it’s latest set of new abilities.

Normally I am not too impressed by these demonstrations because I “thought” I knew the pace of advancement for these things but today I realized just how wrong I was to assume I had my finger on the pulse of their advancement when it comes to the Boston Dynamics Robot project achievement timeline.

This time, as I open up the video, I am presented with an Atlas Robot that is performing complex “dynamic” movements like a professional gymnast  practicing their routine for an upcoming competitive floor event.

I have to tell you that once I started seeing the Atlas Robot doing it’s routine, a shiver ran down my spine and I just got a scary feeling of cold fear that surged through me and scared the bejeezus out of me. Once you see the video, I think you will instantly understand my meaning.

Here is a blurb from MSN on the subject, a short article they published about the atlas Robot from Boston Dynamics.

Atlas The Humanoid Robot Shows Off A New And Improved Gymnastics Routine

Boston Dynamics has been teaching its old bots new tricks – Atlas, its humanoid robot that walks on two legs, can now do a surprisingly elegant gymnastics routine, tumbling into a handstand, followed by cartwheels and including a jump twist. This level of athleticism (can a robot express ‘athleticism’?) is incredibly impressive, given that this is a 330 lb robot that could “barely walk” in 2013 when the prototype was first developed.

atlas-gymnastics-boston-dynamics.gifAtlas’ movement in this routine is at once incredibly human-like, and also something beyond human – especially when it turtles in preparation for its first somersault. This isn’t the first time that Atlas has displayed parkour skills, but Boston Dynamics says that it is using new techniques to make the process of programming these maneuvers much easier, by translating descriptions of the moves involved into motions that the robot can actually manage given its mobility limitations automatically using a newly developed optimization algorithm.

This allows them to create new routines much faster than was possible previously, and it’s able to complete the routine as intended around 80 percent of the time – pretty good odds, even for a human gymnast.

Source: Atlas the humanoid robot shows off a new and improved gymnastics routine

But That’s Not All

I was also guided to a post on Wired Magazine’s website relating to one of Boston Dynamics other pet robot projects “SPOT”. This article featured several videos of the new “wireless” spot doing a little jig on the asphalt and some other things like walking around on uneven ground in the dirt and yet another video of spot finding his way through a slightly more complex environment like an office building or a house and they show spot “Path-finding” his way through the structure and building & recording path information as it made its way around obstacles like walls and over other objects. I remember that this thing “spot” was also shown in other videos I had seen a while back, performing the semi-complex task of climbing and navigating a set of stairs.

I can only guess whether you have seen the same videos, but I am pretty sure that if you are aware of any PR videos about spot and Atlas, that those videos only portray these robots in a positive light, highlighting the “good things” that spot and Atlas can do. How they will be a “benefit” to society because they can take over the doldrums of route, mind numbing, boring tasks and free up time for humanity to pursue higher goals.

In a cavernous half-built structure outside of Boston, I stand at the edge of a pit watching YouTube’s most famous robot do my bidding. A flick of a joystick with my left thumb sends the quadruped forward and backward and side to side, while my right thumb turns it left and right, motors whirring with each deft step. The machine clambers over rocks and tackles crumbling inclines with ease, sometimes sinking its feet into the dirt, nevertheless carrying on. Carelessly I steer it toward a pipe sticking out of the ground, and the robot trips over it. I react with momentary alarm, but Spot catches itself and continues on its way, as if it was nothing.

For years Boston Dynamics has been posting YouTube videos teasing its scary-cute four-legged robot—making it open doors for its friends and fight off stick-wielding humans. Today, finally, it is announcing it’s unleashing Spot (formerly known as SpotMini) into the market. Spot is so unprecedented and so befuddling in its deftness that even Boston Dynamics isn’t totally sure what the robot will be good for. What is clear, though, is that Spot’s introduction to the workforce marks a unique moment in labor, the start of an era in which humans work more intimately with advanced machines.

“We’re going to work together with our customers to figure out what robots are good for,” says Marc Raibert, who heads BD. “It’s not like they can do every possible thing, but that doesn’t mean they’re not really good at some things.”

Source: Spot, the Internet’s Wildest 4-Legged Robot, Is Finally Here

Yeah, like maybe “good at hunting down humans”?

A bit of disappointing news for you right away: BD is leasing rather than selling Spot, and the company is being choosy about who gets to deploy the machine. It’s talking with energy companies, for instance, who might want Spot to inspect infrastructure, as well as with Cirque du Soleil, which is exploring Spot’s potential as an entertainer.

But in my visit to that Boston construction site, BD was emphasizing a different use for Spot: as a sort of patrolbot that can continuously inspect a space. On a typical job site, a manager might be able to peruse and document the whole operation once a week to make sure all the components are coming into place properly, and that crews aren’t, say, running a duct where there’s supposed to be a supporting column. But if you loaded out Spot with a 360 camera, it could do the rounds every night, because once it builds an initial 3D map of the environment, during each subsequent visit it can detect changes. It can operate in the rain and withstand clouds of dust. Should it end up turtled on its back, it does some coordinated leg wiggling to flip itself back onto four feet. Because it conveniently lacks lungs, it can venture into hazards like asbestos-tainted buildings, where it’s expensive to send humans in hazmat suits.

“I could easily imagine us designing a variant on Spot that is larger and stronger, like you might find outdoors, more like a bulldozer, if it turned out there was enough interest in that,” says Raibert. “It would be an engineering project, but a lot of the intelligence and functionality that is in Spot would translate directly into a form like that.”

Source: Spot, the Internet’s Wildest 4-Legged Robot, Is Finally Here

By that same token this robot, “SPOT”, can also be used as a surveillance drone to map out and track changes in the wilderness and identify NWO dissidents / Hold Outs in the wild. This information could then be relayed to the Atlas “Hunter / Killer” version to be used for tracking down and eliminating said dissidents and hold outs…

What If?

As I was watching the video of the atlas Robot performing its gymnastics routine, I couldn’t help but think that the AI that is making it possible for this robot to perform such complex functions must now be more well advanced than I had assumed it was. This lead me to think “Hey, if they are able to make this thing perform such complex tasks like this, what’s stopping them from showing this thing how to use a firearm and even how to hunt prey”.

Think about it for a moment. We know the world governments are all collaborating to bring about a One World Governance agenda to finally gain control over the entire world for their own selfish ends. We also know, or at least we have a very good idea, that these shadow governing political bodies are going to more than likely want to eradicate a large portion of the human population based on what we know of their openly admitted agenda from the Georgia Guide Stones.

Knowing that, it isn’t a very far leap to imagine that their final “Hunter / Killer” army could very well be a vast number of AI driven robot platoons which can be easily programmed with facial recognition and target acquisition data based on individual profiles they have been and are currently developing on every single man, woman, and child on the Earth today. All they have to do is identify those “dissidents” that don’t agree with their agenda and are a potential threat to the success of their plans and then simply program the characteristics of said threats into the AI brains of these robots and task them with the elimination of those threats.

Do you remember the video that made the rounds back in 2017? It was titled “Slaughterbots”

Who is to say that these new AI driven robots are not the new version of the slaughterbots concept?

Just something for you to think about today. I don’t yet know what can be done to prevent these things from being used for such an evil purpose, but I do know that they certainly can be and in the wrong hands, they definitely will be…


DARPA Robots: How Long Until AI Run Robots Are Policing The Streets

DARPA Robots How Long Until AI Run Robots Are Policing The Streets
DARPA Robots How Long Until AI Run Robots Are Policing The Streets

RedPill RedPill signing off…

2 thoughts on “Atlas and Spot The Wildest New Wireless Hunter / Killer Robots?

  1. Things like “patient endurance”, “God gave them a great delusion” and “things that are to come will be like never before and will never be again” comes to mind as I keep seeing what Red Pill posts. It is sad so few are following this link, but also proves what is written in Matthew 7:13-14. And it takes great cajones or faith to put a face to the link. I am sure many who follow this link could share their own personal revelations given, as you do Red Pill, but only reaffirms what was written long ago.
    We know the final results of all of this (at least you should/better), it is the details we are not fully aware of until revealed by,Him in His time. Yet, we are not “totally shocked” as we see His plans unfolding as time passes. Keep the faith,1 seeking the truth and persevering……….one day in the near future we will fully comprehend all that was promised by Him in His Word. Yeshua Ha’ Mashiach.

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