RedPillinfowar Interview with Nevada City, CA Mayor Reinette Senum

RedPillinfowar Interview with Nevada City, CA Mayor Reinette Senum

Reinette Senum, 2014 Elza Kilroy Award Recipient

It was touch and go from the very beginning because of the bandwidth issue here so we decided to go for the telephone interview format but I still had microphone technical issues. At one point the mic got switched and we had to pause the interview while I fixed the mic issue. I had to improvise with the next mic in reach, a web cam… The new mic distorted the last segment of the interview SO BAD I was unable to make it audible because of the massive distortion caused by the over sensitive web cam mic improvisation…

I instead opted to replace that portion with a general explanation of that segment and I give Reinette Senum’s contact information for her website and podcast.

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Reinette, IMHO, is a Super Hero here. There are very few in government today who are willing to put it all on the line like she has for the sake of truth and doing the RIGHT thing as opposed to just getting by or cowering in abject fear simply because of the thought of job loss or a paycheck is more than is bearable. Those in government now who are “Going Along to Get Along” are too attached to their own comfort zones and will understand in the end that it is MORE PROFITABLE for a man (Men and Women) stand up and be counted when evil is on the horizon.

I wholehearted embrace and support her activism and I say we need more people like Reinette Senum in our government halls. While she is vacating her office for retirement (from politics), she will still be very active as a full time activist.

Also here is a list of the names and websites Reinette Senum shared in our telephone interview for your perusal. They will be here so you can also take advantage of them for yourselves.

  • Zach Bush, MD – One of the first Doctors to step forward and alert the world to the fact that something was just not right with this whole pandemic scenario
  • Pamela Popper – Pam Popper is the founder and President of Wellness Forum Health. She also has a YouTube Channel which she uses for her “Vlog-casts”


You can find her current home base on the web at The Foghorn Express. She has been very much an activist in her community, for her constituents and a strong one at that. She fought against the 5G Wireless Deployment in Nevada City as well:

Nevada City Mayor Reinette Senum is no stranger to controversy.

Last year, she defeated a move by fellow City Council members to censure her after she was accused of misrepresenting the council’s position and actively soliciting opposition to the 5G wireless telecom regulations — and won reelection just months later.

Senum drew national attention in 2016 for remarks made on Facebook regarding police brutality, a firestorm she said took years to overcome.

And now, Senum is back in statewide headlines for more social media posts in which she questioned Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recent order for all Californians to wear masks when in public.

“The governor oversees departments and agencies, but cannot make orders unilaterally. … He is not a king; he doesn’t have that authority.”— Reinette SenumNevada City mayor

“As you go about your day today, KNOW there is NO LAW that Orders you to Wear a Mask,” Senum posted on her personal Facebook page Saturday. “Our Governor does NOT have that unilateral power to make such orders. While I know the HEADLINES over the last couple days have stated something entirely different, that is because journalism is dead.

Read More Here: Nevada City mayor fuels controversy over governor’s mask order

Reinette Senum is one amazing lady and “Conversation Changer“. She is a powerhouse of activism for the people and her constituents as well. It takes RAW COURAGE to do what she does. She falls in that group of honest people with a right sense of good will for others and Reinette just personifies what a REALSuper Girl” should be when she grows up IMHO. In fact I have dubbed her as a “Super Hero” for the people…

She is an excellent role model for young girls too #My2Centz…

About “Powerhouse” Reinette Senum (Foghorn At Large):


Twitter @YouBetReinette | FaceBook Senum

Foghorn At Large:

In 1994 Reinette Senum would become the first woman to cross Alaska alone. It would be during this isolated winter solo trek, filmed by Reinette for National Geographic, that she would learn, of all things, the power of community. Ultimately, lessons learned along the trail would become the catalyst for Reinette’s community work later in life.

 For the last dozen years Reinette’s focus has been on building her hometown, Nevada City, California, as a more resilient community through creative and unconventional means.  Through risk assessment, public outreach, and a daily hands-on approach, Reinette has been on the forefront of curating Nevada City towards a more sustainable and connected future. Whether as a city council member, mayor, or community activist, her community-changing projects such as the city-sanctioned sustainable vision, the organic Nevada City Farmers Market, construction of 40 portable micro-houses for the homeless, launching a county-wide TimeBank, or fostering a test-pilot for a town square, Reinette has changed the conversation while reweaving community for a more challenging and unpredictable future.

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