The COVID-19 #MarkoftheBeast Control System Is Coming Online

The COVID-19 #MarkoftheBeast Control System Is Coming Online

I just got word of a new piece of #MarkoftheBeast hardware that is being rolled out now across 34 US States and the Albertsons grocery chain is responsible for this implementation. We all have come to know Albertsons as a household name and most people found it to be a trusted name for high quality and decent prices on groceries for our homes and families. Now that same “Trusted Brand” name has become synonymous with the Mark of the Beast.

Albertsons COVID Scanner Turing Attention Sticker LOWER 3RDS Close-up
The Albertsons “Trusted Brand” name has become synonymous with the Mark of the Beast

I was recently tipped off that Albertsons is quietly rolling out this new piece of “Beast System” hardware across all it’s grocery brands in 34 US states. I am told it is still just being tested with employees only for now but will soon be rolled out for use with their customers as well.

Wonder how this beast works? According to the demo video, First you must text the term “turingvideo” to (424) 203-4371. This triggers a questionaire which I assume you receive a link to via an SMS text message to your phone. Then you are expected to answer all the questions and submit the “Daily CDC Health” questionaire back with your answers. After which, you will receive a QR Code “result” that you can then show to the Turing, AI controlled thermal imaging machine which activates your personal session with the machine to begin your COVID-19 daily health inspection. The machine will first verify you ARE wearing a mask and then will direct you to center your head in the camera so it is inside the human head outline template on the screen. Next it will take a thermal image scan of your forehead and read your temperature.  If your questionaire answers are acceptable to the system and your temperature is within the “safe” range, it will tell you that you passed the screening and print you a “Day Pass” that you must keep with you so you can go to work. If your questionaire answers and or temperature are not acceptable to the system it will fail you and print you a failed badge with a “Medcore” phone number printed on it that you must call.

The system it is attached to is centrally controlled and monitored. The back-end software shows your  questionaire result history and your screening result history as well for review by the administrator of the system. Most likely this system is also connected to a federal database somewhere as well. Gee, I feel safer already! (sarcasm)

You’ll know one of these systems is in play when you see the notice (right) displayed on the exterior of the store you want to shop at or at your place of employment. Ah yes now you can feel good about working or shopping knowing that the Nanny State has everything under control.

This is just unreal and I, for one, never really considered I would actually live long enough to see the end time Mark of the Beast System scenario come to fruition, but here we are, sharing the experience. Something has to change folks. We can’t just stand by and let the powers that be actually get away with this. Something needs to be done to stop this and I mean fast. I suggest people start coming together and getting extremely organized and figure out a way to stop this madness because if we don’t, then that is it, this is going to become the “New Normal” forever and this just cannot happen.

I do not yet know how this will play out but we all need to start doing everything we can to preempt this attack on our liberties and our rights or we will begin to become just like the Jews in Nazi Germany during World War II…

You can glean much more information about this roll-out in the video below.

Here is an excerpt from an article about the new system from the Progessive Grocer:

Albertsons Enhances Employee Health Screening Process

New technology will enable a safer and more reliable health screening process for those who work at Albertsons.

To ensure its associates and vendors have a safe working environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, Albertsons Cos. is implementing a new contactless temperature check and health screening solution across all its stores and facilities.

The new technology, provided by Turing Video Inc., leverages a built-in touchless body temperature scanner and a digital COVID-19 health questionnaire. The screening solution can help to avoid potential exposure for health screeners while ensuring effective temperature screening for all associates. Upon successful completion of the temperature screening and validation of the heath questionnaire, visible stickers are printed with “CLEAR” and the associate’s photo, which can be worn by those screened who are not in food production areas. For those in food production positions, the stickers will be logged in the department.

The enhanced process will be implemented across all markets regardless of their COVID-19 risk state.

“The health and safety of associates working in our facilities is a top priority, and the enhanced health screening process provides us with peace of mind while promoting a healthy workplace,” said Susan Morris, COO, Albertsons.

“Turing Video is excited to team up with Albertsons in this partnership,” said Jerry Zhong, co-founder and president of San Mateo, California-based Turing Video. “A quick, easy, contactless and effective health screen is a key to containing the spread of COVID-19, and Albertsons Companies quickly recognized the value in implementing this system.”

Albertsons has been working to ensure the safety of its associates since the beginning of the pandemic. In April, the grocery chain and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), the largest food and retail union in the U.S., launched a joint national effort to…

Read more here: Albertsons Enhances Employee Health Screening Process

And another from the Idaho Statesman:

Here’s how Albertsons is clearing its workers during COVID. It includes a sticker 

Albertsons employees are required to undergo a temperature check and answer several health questions before they’re allowed to work. The same policy applies to vendors who enter a store.

Albertsons Cos. has begun taking daily temperature checks and health screenings of employees and vendors at it supermarkets, warehouses and other locations.

The Boise, Idaho, grocery company is rolling out touchless temperature scanners and a digital COVID-19 health questionnaire at its more than 2,200 stores nationwide.

Employees and vendors answer several questions about their health on their cell phones. A video monitor scans their temperature and ensures they’re wearing masks. A machine prints an adhesive sticker with an employee’s photo and the word “cleared” to show the employee has met the protocols and is cleared for work.

Employees wear the stickers during their shifts. Employees who work in food production areas do not wear the stickers. The stickers are kept within their departments.

A worker whose temperature is too high will be issued a “failed” badge and will not be allowed to work. A person whose temperature is within the proper range but who…

That is all I have for now. Remember if we do not do something to stop this then it will become the new normal so please, for the love of God, start making plans to fight back against this and stop it from coming to fruition!

 RedPill signing off.

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