Welcome to RedPillinfowar, Take the RedPill

This is the forum for new users. Here you may ask technical questions about the forum board(s) in general. Things like how do I find something or how can I search for a topic.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you if you are a new user here and I encourage you to dig into the forums, get involved, post your research and share in the research of others here. Together we are stronger and together we are also more wise and can join together to discover what is happening in the world today. There is strength in numbers whether it be in self defense, research, or information gathering.

If you are here it is most likely because you are awake (to some certain degree) and you want to find answers and solutions to the problems we are all facing today. If that is the case then this is a great place to meet like minded people and engage in discussions that you will find mutually interesting and hopefully mutually helpful.

Please be courteous to other forum users as this is a place of retreat from the angry world outside to help us all seek answers in a peaceful environment which helps us ALL think more clearly and make better decisions. Hopefully this forum will enable you to make Strong, Informed decisions and even help you discover things you did not know before. Remember we are all here to learn so lets be patient with others who may not be as "AWAKE" as you are. We are all friends here so treat each other accordingly.

Thank you and Welcome, I hope your stay is informative and enjoyable...

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